Core Values

Human capital is everything.

By realizing its potential, things become faster, better, or just more beautiful and so the world gets a little bit better.
We seek great people with bold ideas that dare to create new standards. But to walk together we must share the same path, which is paved with our core values:

  1. Integrity and reputation above all else.
  2. Commit to adding value.
  3. Infectiously learn and infectiously mentor.
  4. Embrace optimism; suspend disbelief.
  5. Be a seeker of truth and self-awareness.



Human Capital

It’s all about people. At Cue Ball, this belief permeates every part of the firm. From our general partners, to our entrepreneurs, to the unique composition of our investor base, we consistently put human capital first. Our purpose is simple: to realize the potential of human capital.

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Our backgrounds help us “get it.” At our roots, we are business builders with an operator-mindset who have started, scaled and led companies from the seed stage to public company Fortune 500′s.  This means having an experience base that can be drawn upon as needed and “entrepreneurial empathy” for any speed bumps along the way.

Trusted Partnership and Collegiality

Capital is a commodity. Trust, partnership, and collegiality are far more rare.  We strive for true collaboration and partnership toward our goal of being active but supportive VC’s where entrepreneurs control the “volume dial” of involvement. Ultimately, we understand that you are the lead actor, and that we should aspire to be the best supporting actor.

Relevant Relationships

Our relationships are real and relevant toward adding enterprise value and inspiring new ideas. Throughout the year we are curators to several private Cue Ball gatherings ranging from our unique Cue Ball Collective base, our annual dinner at TED, thought-capital sessions (e.g. at General Assembly), founder fireside chats, and our flagship event, On Cue.

Creative Sensibility

We embrace multi-dimenional thinking and as part of that we are proud to share our love for great design and creative sensibility in all we do. The intersection of business, design and technology is where we have uncovered some of our most creative thinking and innovative experiences.

Alignment and Transparency

The evergreen structure of our fund is unique – giving us a permanent and flexible capital pool that has only a single fund with a single investor base at one time and a fund without an arbitrary fund life that may or may not map to your time line for value creation. Finally, a word on transparency, we work hard to be clear and straight in all our communications.



The Cue Ball story has its roots in long-term friendships and professional collaborations. Connecting our firm’s “people dots” reveals tightly interwoven relationships over the past 20 years: old school ties, previous co-founding and leading of companies at multiple career intersections, and even the co-authorship of a recent best-selling book.

The principals of Cue Ball were behind the founding of ZEFER, one of the pioneering firms providing web strategy and application development during the early days of the internet’s commercialization from the mid- to late- 1990’s. They also served as the leadership of the largest media transformation in history, which eventually led to the creation of the global information services Fortune 100 company, Thomson Reuters. More recently they collaborated to create the concept of MiniLuxe and of course the founding of Cue Ball. Bottom-line: Cue Ball is a team of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

In the fall of 2008, during the financial crisis and what many saw as a precarious time to launch any investment fund- let alone a venture and growth equity fund- the principals of Cue Ball once again decided to go against that grain and saw it as an opportunity to launch a new model for VC.



A cue ball is both classic and modern, bold and understated. A cue ball serves as a momentum driver and catalyst to propel things forward. A cue ball leads and breaks the pack. You can’t really start your game without a cue ball.

(Also, we already owned the domain…)